Online cooking courses: Stocks and Soups

Want to learn online how to make stocks and soups like professional chefs? Enroll into one of our online cooking course.

Online cooking courses

Online chef courses could not make it easier to train as a Professional Chef and get you tasting and cooking like the pros!

Thinking of becoming a professional chef!?

It is extremely important that you know how to make tasty and flavourful stocks as these are the foundations of good cooking and just plonking in a few vegetables, meat or fish into a pot and waiting to see what happens isn’t going to cut it!

We have all purchased stocks from stores to save time but many stocks that are purchased from shops are high in sodium and lack the gelatine that making good homemade stocks contain.

By making your own stock you can control the taste and the ingredients put in…… it’s one of the key differences between being a cook or a Chef. Making your own stock will not only be healthier but will be tastier than any stock you can purchase from the shop! As part of your desire to be a professional chef it is also the most cost-effective way of producing key base ingredients which leads to more profit.

Our online courses teach you the basic principles of making delicious stocks and soups. You will learn about the equipment needed, the ingredients required and the importance of simmering, straining and timing.

We will take you through the process of making a variety of different stocks but crucially what you will learn from our online chef courses will be the standard principles which can be applied to all types of stocks or soups you will make in the future.

Not only will our online courses ensure you increase and develop your practical skills but also give you understanding of the theory behind stocks, soups and seasoning.

Of course the advantage of online chef courses is you will be able to watch all our advice and guidance in your own time at your own speed – you can pause and replay it as many times as you need. Also within our online chef course is the ability to upload your work and be assessed on-line by our professional team, with direct feedback at every stage to ensure your skills are developed in real time to the right standard.

Do you know how we taste?

It’s one thing to know what ingredients to use but another to understand how we taste to give stocks and soups the right balance. To make flavourful and delicious stocks you need understand how taste works.

Taste involves aroma, texture and heat, all combining to create an overall impression.

In 1901, German scientist D.P. Hanig promoted the idea that the different tastes were stronger in different parts of the tongue and this research was later used to create a “taste map”.

The “Taste Map”!

Here are 5 tastes that stimulate our taste buds.

  • Unami – detects savoury and meaty tastes
  • Sour – detects acid flavours
  • Sweet – detects sweet flavours
  • Bitter – detects bitter tastes
  • Salty – detects sodium tastes

Our online chef courses give you all the theory you need to perfect your tasting skills.

What we detect when we “taste” is very important because they are not only translating to us that foods taste good but also tell us if something tastes bad!

Enrolling into our online chef courses you will learn the importance taste has and why it is fundamental to every dish that you will create and serve in the future.