About Us

Chef Academy London

Chef Academy London was founded in London in 2007 and over the course of the last 13 years has successfully graduated thousands of students in our internationally recognised culinary schools. We are delighted to be able to offer to you of key courses online.

We recognise and understand in this ever changing world the importance of training and the ability to do so online. You can train at your own speed, we will provide interactive segments where your skills will be assessed and most importantly we will be on hand to assist and guide you throughout the duration of your course.

Our Story

For over a decade Chef Academy London has trained hundreds of students to become professional chefs in our academy located in London. We have provided a practical training scheme that has given our students the tools and skills to start a career as a professional chef.

Following the success of our training courses, we decided to make available our key courses online to students who want to pursue a career as a professional chef but require a flexible and affordable training programme that could lead to a full-time career in the food service industry.

Chef Academy London Diploma

Chef Academy London is a prestigious and internationally recognized educational institution and is one of the most acclaimed educational establishments in London. Our school is internationally recognised by ASIC (an accreditation service for international colleges) enabling students to pursue a career throughout a national or international territory.

Following a successful assessment and validation of your training through the portal that if successful will lead to your graduation and presentation of an online diploma issue by Chef Academy London.