Online Chef Courses: Chef's knife skills

Professional Chef Online Courses – why are cutting skills so important and why is it crucial to have a good set of knives?

Online professional Chef coursesWhether you are attending a classroom led course or you are learning through a professional chef online course, it is important that you understand not only the various cutting techniques used in a professional kitchen but also how to use your knife effectively and safely.

The function of your knives is to get your hands trained to prepare and move ingredients efficiently and precisely from the cutting board into your pots and pans and finally on to the serving plate.

With our professional chef online courses you will learn how to handle your knife and we will demonstrate how to safely and perfectly cut a selection of vegetables, meats, poultry and fish.

One of the many advantages of online chef courses is you will be able to watch a particular cutting technique, pause and replay it as many times as you need to perfect your cutting skills and techniques.

In a professional commercial kitchen knowing how to use your knife correctly, effectively and safety is fundamental to becoming a good chef.

The first and most important step in becoming a good Chef is to have a good set of knives. You only need to select a few knives to get you started.

Below are some of the core knives you will use in a professional kitchen and will need to begin your online course. With our online chef courses we will show how to identify a variety of difference knives and most importantly how to use them.

Chef’s knife – this is the most used knife in the kitchen. This is an all-purpose knife used for a variety of chopping, slicing, dicing and mincing. Its typically between 9”-10” long with a blade curving upwards towards a narrow point.

Boning Knife – this useful sturdy blade is used for separating raw meat from the bone. It has a sharp point and a narrow blade and is typically between 5”-7” in length.

Filleting Knife – this has a flexible blade used for the filleting of fish or meat. The thin blade means you can direct the knife easily and your meat or fish can be filleted very thinly.

Paring Knife – this knife is used for peeling and trimming vegetables and fruits. It is a small knife with a straight sharp blade which is rounded on the cutting side. It’s typically 3”-5” in length and its small size and design makes it suitable for working with small bits of food or ingredients.

Once you have selected your knives for your online course..are you ready to start copping and cutting?

Unfortunately not! If you are inexperienced and not are familiar with a professional kitchen environment then it is absolutely vital and crucial that you learn about cross contamination prevention and understand the colour coding of chopping boards in a professional kitchen.

Our professional online chef courses will take you through all the safety aspects for preparing fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and poultry. The course also covers which chopping boards to use and how to make sure your workspace is safe and secure, avoiding potential kitchen accidents.

Do you know the difference between a Chiffonade and a Julienne cut?

You don’t! Well our online chef courses will take you through step by step a variety of commonly used cutting techniques.